Monday, August 9, 2010

Free Targeted Traffic

I have received quite a few emails about getting free traffic to your website or blog so I decided to make this post to help out. Read and follow this article and you should no doubt be seeing targeted traffic in no time.

1. Classified Ads
Check out and You can post free ads at these sites. What you need to do is track your links. Sign up free at This is a tracking service. Make a new link for each site you are trying to get traffic from.

2. Articles
Again, visit and create tracking links for each site. Write and submit articles to,, and These are some of the top sites available today. Use tracking to see where most of your traffic is coming from and concentrate on submitting to those sites.

3. Email List
If there were a magic button to produce traffic this is it. However, it takes time to build this traffic stream. For instance, I have been building my email list for over 1 year and I have over 14,000 people on my email list. Most of them (not all) are iterested in my emails so when I send an email I get instant traffic to whatever site I want. It is very important to build an email list. If you have not started yet, I highly suggest you do right now. It will only help in the long run.

4. Forums
Check out forums in your niche. Just go to and type in your niche + forum and see what comes up. Visit the top sites and see how many members there are. When you join a forum make sure to put a link to your landing page or blog in your signature. Now when you make posts your site will show and people will be likely to click on it if you make useful and interesting posts. Now, in order to get consistent traffic you need to work on this daily. Don't worry it doesn't take that long. Here is a quick rundown of what I do.

Post 3 ads on and
Write 3 articles and submit them
Make 5 useful blog posts

This all ties in to building my email list because everything I do I post a link back to my opt in page which is where I gather all of my email addresses.

Hope this helps :)

Bryan Super

Affiliate Success Secrets

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