Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Push Button Cash Site - Honest Review

You may have already seen tons of emails going out about Push Button Cash Site. I guess it is another "push button and become filthy rich" product, yeah, ahahahah bullshit.

Just be sure you check here before you buy anything online as chances are I have probably either already purchased it or am already using the product. So, here's MY opinion...

First of all, I watched the video on the sales page for Push Button Cash Site and boom, red flags. If you were making $159,000 a month on auto-pilot would you give away your secret? Oh yeah, and if it only takes 3 minutes to set up then everyone should be $159,000 richer by next month!

Obviously like any other sale page it tells you what the product is not about...

Facebook, PPC, Twitter, SEO, JV's, Media Buying, etc.

So, what is Push Button Cash Site? You ready to make thousands of dollars by pushing a button? Yes, me too. Unfortunately there is no such thing.

Push Button Cash Site is a wordpress plugin that posts content to your blogs. The main goal of Push Button Cash Site is to set up hundreds or more wordpress blogs and auto feed content to them.

Once you do this you will be rich!!! - Just kidding.

Oh yeah, don't be surprised, but here are the upsells you will see...

Mega profit module $297
Down sell – $100 off the mega Profit Module
Down sell – $200 off the mega profit module
Up sell – Upgrade the software for $197
Down sell upgrade the software for $97
Additional training – $97
Down sell to $77
Secret module $19
Down sell to $9

Now, do you need Push Button Cash Site? That depends. If you need a plugin for wordpress to scrape and post content, then maybe you do.

If you think you'll make a shit ton of money by pushing buttons in 3 minutes, then probably not.

It is what it is, you can now make your decision if you want to buy or not.

I think it is much easier to build a list of subscribers, ask them what they want to learn about, and then create a product based on what they are asking for.

For example, I sent a survey to my list several months back asking them what they want to know about and I gave them 4 options. Article marketing, PPC, Ad swaps, and Blogging. The majority said they would like to know about ad swaps. What did I do? I gave them what they wanted - a guide about, yes, ad swaps.

Let me know what you think below....

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Thanks for being a loyal Bryan Super subscriber - Enjoy!....

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Letttt's get reeaaddy tooo ruuummmbllle (ding, ding, ding), haha, I mean make money online....

"Super Profit Plan"

Here's what you will learn today...

1. How and Where to Find A Niche
2. Build a RESPONSIVE list - it is key they are Responsive - many people do this wrong
3. Make your list want to buy from you over and over
4. Find an awesome product to sell them
5. Get Money into your account

First Go to Just pick a category at random. For example - Sports.

The first thing that comes up is The Simple Golf Swing.

So, let's see if people are acutally spending money in that niche.

Go over to Google and type in golf swing training.

As you can see there are several ads down the right hand side of the page because people are advertising for this niche. If there was no money to be made in this niche then there would not likely be this many ads on Google for the term golf swing training.

Ok, let's go back to We're still in the sports category.

Check out Effective Ball Handling. Go back over to and type in ball handling programs. As you can see, there is either 0 or maybe 1 ad on the right side in This is an indicator that the niche may not be very profitable.

So, the point here is to do some research and if there are ads in Google for the keyword you are targeting then it is likely a good niche to enter.

Building Targeted Traffic

Traffic is KEY for this. You NEED traffic.

Here is what I do for targeted traffic.

1. Ad swaps. But, don't overdo it. I do maybe 3 per week.

So, what the heck are ad swaps. Ad swaps are when you talk to another marketer in the same niche as you are in. You agree to swap emails with each other. What you do is send an email to each others list promoting each others squeeze pages (websites).

The results can be staggering. I have done an ad swap and made over $500 in a single day. I don't say this to brag, just to show what is possible.

2. Media Buys/Solo Ads

This is when you pay someone to mail out to their list. This does cost money, but it is a great and super FAST way to build your list.

Here are some other ways to build targeted traffic.

1. Article Writing - Make sure to include your squeeze page link at the end of the article.

2. SEO - This is a little more difficult, but if you can get your website or blog onto page 1 of the search engines then you will end up getting free traffic to your site.

3. Forum posting - this is so easy. Find a forum that is related to your niche and make posts or reply to posts that help people out. Then in your signature you can have a link to your website or squeeze page.

How to make your subscribers LOVE you! (VERY IMPORTANT)

1. Be cool with them
Build trust with them - set up your own blog
Collect social proof - ask people to visit your blog and let you know what they think about it

Show them you are real! Photos are good.

2. Sell them your own products
If you liked the free material, you will love this.... (your product)

OR sell a product as an affiliate (someone else's product) and give an honest review and recommendation.

SHOW them, you have their best interests at heart.

Thank You For Reading!

In addition to this, here's a direct PDF BONUS download for you, no strings attached, nothing to buy - I just want you to have the best opportunity to get started now - 48 Hour Action Plan PDF

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Can you see how these techniques could work for you right away?

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