About Bryan

Hi Everyone and welcome to my internet marketing blog!

I would like to introduce myself, if you don't know me, my name is Bryan Super and I am from Kansas in the USA.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I make millions of dollars online, because I don't. I actually have a normal job just like 99.99% of all the other affiliate marketers.

Affiliate and Internet marketing is what I do in my spare time to earn extra money online. I only do this about 5 hours a week.

I will tell you a little story though about how I got started.

It was 2006 and I got my first job out of college. I was pretty excited except for my paycheck. I made enough to pay for my car and my apartment but after that I was about broke. It sucked.

I turned to the internet looking for extra cash. I got started by writing articles and directing the traffic to Clickbank products.

I was shocked. It had worked. I checked my Clickbank account a few days later and I had made $67.80 by promoting a product in the traffic getting niche. I thought I would quit my job and make money online full time.

I went on writing article after article and saw an increase in my Clickbank earnings. I was making maybe $1000 a month on Clickbank. Now, I'm not saying this is not AWESOME, because it was. I had money to do other stuff besides have a roof and a car and a job. However, this was not very reliable. I didn't know if I would make that much each month.

I then developed an extremely fast way to write articles and get traffic to my pages. I also figured that instead of sending traffic straight to the sales, page I would create landing pages and put them at the end of my articles, this increased profits incredibly.

What I am talking about is what I learned in January of 2008, I learned about list building.

I quickly grew a list of 11,304 subscribers in about 9 months and I was getting checks in the mail from Clickbank for $2,000+ and I was starting to promote other products to my list. I was extremely excited!!

What I want to do now is pass on this information and my knowledge so you can have similar success!!

Speak Soon,

Bryan Super