Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Auto Click Profits Review

Hi Everyone,

I'm sure if you are on any email list that you have heard of Auto Click Profits. Looks like another piece of software that will make you 6 figures in 1 month or something like that. AAHAHAHA WOW - MLMAO (Me laughing my ass off!!)

Unfortunately, once again, this will not be the case.

What this software is, is a Yahoo Answers auto bot.

So, basically it posts answers to questions on Yahoo Answers in selected areas.

I don't know if it is useful for anything else, but I doubt you will make $100,000 in 1 month by using it.

Sorry to disappoint you but in reality there is no push button or 5, 6, 7 click software that will make you this kind of money.

I don't know if the sales proof is altered or maybe they made that money doing something else, who knows. Anything is possible so maybe they answered millions of questions and put affiliate links at the bottom and got 2,000,000 hits to the link. Just from using Yahoo answers in the past I know that if you get accused of spamming they just shut down your account and remove every answer you have ever done.

I'm sure it is possible if you posted 1000 answers or something that someone on whim may click your affiliate link and buy the product, but no one knows for sure. Again, this is if your account doesn't get banned.

The truth is that in order to see figures like $100 a day, $200 a day, $500+ a day online, you have to build a business.

Here is what I mean...

Say you start a website about fishing or anything really, just something where there are buyers in the market. On this website you have alot of good information about fishing, fishing rods, different kinds of fishing, fishing bait, etc. Now, your website name and title are for a keyword that you can easily rank in Google for.

SO you work on this website for 1 month. After 1 month, you don't do anything else and the website starts making $200 per month. You monitor the site month after month just to make sure it stays on the first page of Google.

This is great, right? But now what?

Rinse and Repeat!

This is what people do. They have 50, 60, and 100+ websites onilne each making a little bit every month. This is where you can start to see those huge incomes on Clickbank or any affiliate network or CPA network for that matter.

Heck, if you know a whole lot about fishing, just pick another keyword to target and put up a similar site about fishing. Some people have 5 to 10 sites in the same exact niche that all target different keywords.

And, the best part. If you work on a site for a month and it goes nowhere, just sell it on flippa.

Here is the guide I use as a basis for making all of my websites - I'm up to 5 now! Last time I wrote to you about this I was at 3. I didn't realize the power of this business model until I got my first few sites up and running. If you follow a proven method then you just have to set the sites up once and let them run. It's all a numbers game, period.

Not EVERY site is going to make you $100 or $200 or more a month. So what do you do? Easy, sell them on and try to recover some of the costs you put into them.

Just think about it. You work at this for a year and you get up say 20 niche websites that each make an average of $200 per month online. That is $4000 per month online! I know you can do the math... 50 niche sites all making $200 a month is $10,000 a month online. How would that feel?....

Anway, I use Google Sniper as a guide to set up and monetize every site I create. It's the best around in my opinion. There are other systems like it which I also use including Bring The Fresh and My Online Business System.

They are all similar. I actually own all of them and I just kind of use parts from each product. It's kind of like the saying 2 heads are better than 1, well in this case, 3 products are better than 1. I figured I might as well see how each of these guys is making $15,000+ a month online by creating niche websites.

Final thoughts on Auto Click Profits

If for some reason you need a Yahoo Answers auto bot then check it out... otherwise, stick to the basics and work on building a business that will last.


Karen Clark said...

I am always glad to hear reviews on a Website, that I'm interested in, and this is the first time, I've had one. So I thank you for that, too. I'm very glad to hear this, about the Auto Click Profits. I'm really looking forward to using it. Again, I thank you, for this and more!!

Paul said...

Thank you for your review - I wish you could get the products sooner as you would have saved me money. Thank you - I will be referring to your blog before buying in future.

About Me said...

Hi Paul,

I'm sorry about that. I'll try to get more on top of reviews as soon as products come out.


Russ said...

I have been geting bombed this past couple weeks with affiliate emails about this product. I just wanted to add that another one of these yahoo answers products is Auto Traffic Hyjack.

Just wanted to let your readers know what this product was to avoid purchasing it! I feel the same way about these products.

I would like to or for you to post this review on my site for our readers. The site is

Florene said...

Thanks so much Brian. I thought it must be some kind of spam. Thanks for being honest and not just try and sell the thing like so many. I was thinking of picking up
Google Sniper 2 as I have several videos from the first iteration. Thanks so much. Flo Williams

About Me said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes Russ, you are right, Auto Traffic Hijack is a similar software to ACP. I'll check your site out. Thanks