Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ASN - Issue #12 - Tracking Links

Affiliate Success Newsletter
October 27, 2010
By: Bryan Super

Welcome to another issue of Bryan Super's Affiliate Success Newsletter.

First of all I want to thank you for helping me out on the survey.

The results are that 592 people said they would rather have every email I send start out with [SUPER NEWS] and 9 people said they would want random subjects. So, I will continue to start every email with [SUPER NEWS]. Thanks again for your input, I really appreciate it :)

As I said before, I send you alot of email not to annoy you but to help you. Please also know that I when I send you an email I have most likely already downloaded the exact same product and use it. When I send you a product that must be paid for it is likely that I have already purchased and use it myself. I wouldn't point you in a direction if I didn't honestly think it would help you in some way.

Moving on to the tracking portion of this issue. I found an amazing site that you can use for tracking. It is called <-- (not an affiliate link).

Why track your links? Because this way you know where your traffic is coming from. I don't want you wasting time doing things that don't work.

For example, if you write articles and submit them or use free classified ads, blogs, or forum marketing, you can create tracking links so you know where you are getting clicks.

If you have been submitting articles to a directory and you are never getting any clicks then by tracking this you will know that it is not worth your time to use that directory.

You will also know that if you are getting alot of clicks from a particular place then you can concentrate on using that site for traffic.

I hope you will use this free tool to your benefit.

Also, here are all of the prior issues of the Affiliate Success Newsletter...

Affiliate Success Newsletter Archive

As always, comments are appreciated and welcome. If you have any questions about anything at all just shoot me an email at


Bryan Super

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Turbo Traffic System Review

You have found a very exclusive review for the Turbo Traffic System. I was able to get access to the system for review purposes.

The Turbo Traffic System is different from alot of other products online because it will teach you how to build a legitimate business, it doesn't just explain the next big traffic ordeal or the next big software launch.

A view of Turbro Traffic System Members Area....

There are 6 Modules in the Turbo Traffic System which cover everything from keyword research, social traffic, building backlinks, building your own link networks, to local SEO, and more.

In Module 1-3, you will learn how to get into a niche and generate traffic from that niche. You will get step by step videos that will teach this to you. This is IMPORTANT - you will also learn how to get targeted leads to visit your irresistable offers. Targeted traffic is key.

Modules 4-6 will teach you how to expand your business and get into local markets and build authority sites. Authority sites are just like they sound. They are sites that people look to when looking for information in a given market. Take finance for example. is an authority site. There are hundreds of thousands of authority sites in all of the niches online.


This is well worth my $1. You will learn so much from Turbro Traffic System - it is amazing... Click below to get started now....

Turbo Traffic System

Affiliate Success Newsletter [Issue #11] - Alternatives To Get Into Google and Get Fast Traffic....

Affiliate Success Newsletter
October 20, 2010
By: Bryan Super

Everyone is concerned about their Google rankings. An algorithm change or an update can often leave many a webmaster in tears.

However, I often like to come in through the back door. So today I?m going to reveal to you some of my Google secrets, because Google's Lab is much larger than you think.

Google Video

Google Video allows you to have your very own tv show on one of the largest search engines on the internet. This is a form of multimedia that is certainly gaining popularity online. Right now Google Video is in a growth stage and it?s one of the perfect times to get in and be one of the first to brand yourself in a particular market.

Videos are also a great selling point if you have a product that can be demonstrated. With Google video, you can now have your very own infomercial indexed in the search engines. Of course, you?ll want to provide some great content too. To check out this new technology, go to

Google Base

Google Base was launched in November of 2005. Google base describes itself as ?a place where you can add all types of information that we?ll host and make searchable online?. Now, if that isn?t a webmaster?s dream, I don?t know what is. Your item could be almost anything: your products, research papers, articles, press releases, etc. You can describe all of your items so that you can zone in on your targeted visitor. Anyone with a Google account can use this service, so why not give it a try. Google base is the perfect way to get an additional audience for your content. To find out more about Google Base, visit

Google Local

Getting your products into Google local can put your items in front of some serious buyers. People often go to Google Local looking for a specific item or service in a particular geographic area. So, if you own a small business, Google Local is the perfect opportunity to increase your reach without spending lots of advertising dollars. Now, onto a section of Google that you certainly won?t want to miss out on.

Google Blog Search

This is one of the best ways to get some additional listings in Google. If you have a website, why not start a blog. By starting a blog, you can tap into a variety of blog search engines, including Google Blog search. This area of marketing is largely untapped, so it is the perfect time to get your particular niche grounded in these specialty search engines. To get your blog listed you simply need to ping an updating service such as It?s as simple as that. If you are using Wordpress, you can set it up to where your blog pings the major services every time you make a post.

You can even have multiple listings in the Google Blog Search because they list specific posts as well as entire blogs.

Google News

Want to get your article and even your picture into Google News? Well, it?s really not that hard. The first step is to go to, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the link that says ?submit work?. From there you can sign up to be a contributor. If accepted as a contributor, you will then be able to submit articles along with your picture. Many of their articles are syndicated on Google News and will be available to the millions of searchers who go to Google News each and every day.

If you are looking to get your press release into Google News, that is simple as well. All you have to do is submit your press release to Using these techniques, you can get into Google News 100% free, while many other webmasters are paying to do so. Now that you know about the many faces of Google, you will be able to use these tactics to your advantage. You see, there are so many people who just don?t put in the extra effort required to get exceptional results.

Luckily for you, this puts you at a great advantage over many of the webmasters online today.

I hope you enjoyed this issue and I really hope it is useful for you and your website!


Bryan Super

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Traffic Secret Revealed....

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you in on a little secret I have been using and testing over the past few weeks. It works quite well, in my opinion.

There are a few things you will need to do in order to make money.
Sign up free to these sites and then come back to learn how to make the money....

1. An affiliate program to make money with....

WebCopyCat - This affiliate program converts extremely well and you can make alot of money if you do this right! $33.50 per sign up per month to be exact. So, imagine just getting 10 sign ups at $33.50 per month, that's an extra $335 per month !

2. Link Tracking - Free version.... -

3. $5 and

Now, here is what you do in order to make money....

1. Visit the affiliate info page for WebCopyCat at

Take your affiliate link and copy and paste it into a notepad - it should look something like this....

BE SURE to replace XXX with your own Affiliate ID number

Now, scroll down this page until you see a link for Pre-Made Tweets and click on it.

Copy one of the premade Tweets, add your own spin and your affiliate URL to it and have this ready to go on a notepad or wordpad.

2. Go back to, sign in and click on the Shorten URL link on the left.

Paste your affiliate link for WebCopyCat into the field and create a shorter URL.

Copy that URL and paste it at the end of your pre-made Tweet

3. Visit

This is where you will be getting traffic. Here is what to do:

Sign in and either type in traffic in the search box or click on social marketing or advertising on the right.

Find people that will Tweet your message for $5. Place and order and you will soon start getting traffic to your affiliate link.


You want to go after things such as, "I will tweet your message to my 140,000 followers for $5" or "I will tweet your message 5 times to my 20,000 followers for $5". Something along those lines is better.

You can also use the facebook ones to get traffic.

This is really quite an easy way to make some cash without a website, list, or product.

Hope you enjoyed this - I do :)

Oh yeah, leave your comments below to let me know what you think :)

Bryan Super

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Affiliate Success Newsletter Issue #10

I decided to put this issue of the newsletter on my blog instead of in PDF format. It will be just as good and you won't even have to download it, you can just read it right here :)

In this issue we'll go over how important Twitter can be. I'm sure you have probably heard of Twitter. I've only just started using it and I can honestly say I have already seen an increse in traffic.

Here is a great tip that most people make into a product and would try and sell to you. I'm giving this to you free....

First of all - you can follow me here....

Now - create your own Twitter profile and put up a photo and most importantly, put in your website address. If you visit the sign up page you will see that as you go through the sign up process you can enter all of these options in.


Here is what I have been doing and it works pretty well.

Go to Find People

Enter the name of someone you know in your niche market

Generally if the person is well known in your market and they have a Twitter page then they will probably have alot of followers.

Here is the part that many people mess up...

What you want to do is follow about 30 people every day - most likely they will get a message that you are following them and they will follow you back.

Here is another thing many people screw up. Many people (including myself) are not very patient and they want immediate results. DO NOT just make tweets sending people to your product as they will just see this as spam. Not good.

It will take some time to get a good amount of followers, but if you keep at it, you will soon have alot.

Now, each day you will want to make 5 to 10 general posts just about whatever you want.

1 to 2 times per day at most - post something about your website and enter the link to your site, your blog, your CPA offer, your squeeze page, articles, whatever you want. Just don't overdo it.

After awhile you will see that when you do make a post about your website or whatever you will get a good amount of visits.

Also - don't use a Twitter follower software or anything else that promises you a ton of followers in a very short amount of time - your account will get deleted - I know this because mine old one did.

Just take your time - maybe 10 minutes a day and follow 30 people and eventually you'll get more and more followers.

I hope this has been an informative article about Twitter.

Here is also another AWESOME resource for using Twitter....

Twitter Affiliate Elite


Bryan Super

Top Secret Affiliate

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Press Releases

Press releases are top notch when it comes to getting traffic, IF you know how to do it right.  This issue of ASN will show you exactly how to get to the top of the search engines for your keywords that you choose to promote products....

You can release a press release and make sure that you are on page 1 of Google for the results.  Here's the method I use to promote alot of products....

There are 2 things with press releases.

1.  Keyword in the Title of the press release and in the first sentence of the press release.  Put the keyword as the very first thing in the title and sentence.

2.  Places with more authority or page rank will get your release higher in the search engines.

There are 24 different places to submit to - now, don't submit the SAME release to every single site.  Submit different ones to different places over a span of time.

Now, you don't have to go after the super competitive keyword terms, you can look for long tail keywords.  Here's how....

This is a VERY important part of running an online business.  Now, having said that, there is no reason that you only have to be in ONE niche.  If you choose a niche and it doesn't make money, then stop working on it and get into another one right away.

I have too many press releases to count anymore in several niches and here is how I go about selecting keywords for articles/press releases....

Step 1:  Visit Clickbank or or Commission Junction

Step 2:  Choose 3 products in the same niche - on Clickbank make sure the products have gravity over 20 (this means that people are buying it).  Write down the affiliate URL for each.

Step 3:  Visit and type in "keyword tool"

Step 4:  Use the google keyword tool to search for keywords

Step 5:  Find as many keywords as you can for the products that have over 500 searches every month

Step 6:  Take each keyword with over 500 searches and enter it into in quotes " " to find out how much competition there is.

Step 7:  Keep keywords with over 500 searches a month and under 50,000 in competition.

Note:  By under 50,000 - I mean when you type in the keyword in quotes into - look at the results, if they are less than 50,000 keep the keyword.

Step 8:  Use your best keywords to write press releases in the niche.  Use the keyword in the TITLE of the release and in the very FIRST paragraph of the release to ensure good traffic.

I hope you enjoyed this and find it useful.


Bryan Super