Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Affiliate Success Newsletter Issue #10

I decided to put this issue of the newsletter on my blog instead of in PDF format. It will be just as good and you won't even have to download it, you can just read it right here :)

In this issue we'll go over how important Twitter can be. I'm sure you have probably heard of Twitter. I've only just started using it and I can honestly say I have already seen an increse in traffic.

Here is a great tip that most people make into a product and would try and sell to you. I'm giving this to you free....

First of all - you can follow me here....

Now - create your own Twitter profile and put up a photo and most importantly, put in your website address. If you visit the sign up page you will see that as you go through the sign up process you can enter all of these options in.


Here is what I have been doing and it works pretty well.

Go to Find People

Enter the name of someone you know in your niche market

Generally if the person is well known in your market and they have a Twitter page then they will probably have alot of followers.

Here is the part that many people mess up...

What you want to do is follow about 30 people every day - most likely they will get a message that you are following them and they will follow you back.

Here is another thing many people screw up. Many people (including myself) are not very patient and they want immediate results. DO NOT just make tweets sending people to your product as they will just see this as spam. Not good.

It will take some time to get a good amount of followers, but if you keep at it, you will soon have alot.

Now, each day you will want to make 5 to 10 general posts just about whatever you want.

1 to 2 times per day at most - post something about your website and enter the link to your site, your blog, your CPA offer, your squeeze page, articles, whatever you want. Just don't overdo it.

After awhile you will see that when you do make a post about your website or whatever you will get a good amount of visits.

Also - don't use a Twitter follower software or anything else that promises you a ton of followers in a very short amount of time - your account will get deleted - I know this because mine old one did.

Just take your time - maybe 10 minutes a day and follow 30 people and eventually you'll get more and more followers.

I hope this has been an informative article about Twitter.

Here is also another AWESOME resource for using Twitter....

Twitter Affiliate Elite


Bryan Super

Top Secret Affiliate

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