Thursday, October 7, 2010

Press Releases

Press releases are top notch when it comes to getting traffic, IF you know how to do it right.  This issue of ASN will show you exactly how to get to the top of the search engines for your keywords that you choose to promote products....

You can release a press release and make sure that you are on page 1 of Google for the results.  Here's the method I use to promote alot of products....

There are 2 things with press releases.

1.  Keyword in the Title of the press release and in the first sentence of the press release.  Put the keyword as the very first thing in the title and sentence.

2.  Places with more authority or page rank will get your release higher in the search engines.

There are 24 different places to submit to - now, don't submit the SAME release to every single site.  Submit different ones to different places over a span of time.

Now, you don't have to go after the super competitive keyword terms, you can look for long tail keywords.  Here's how....

This is a VERY important part of running an online business.  Now, having said that, there is no reason that you only have to be in ONE niche.  If you choose a niche and it doesn't make money, then stop working on it and get into another one right away.

I have too many press releases to count anymore in several niches and here is how I go about selecting keywords for articles/press releases....

Step 1:  Visit Clickbank or or Commission Junction

Step 2:  Choose 3 products in the same niche - on Clickbank make sure the products have gravity over 20 (this means that people are buying it).  Write down the affiliate URL for each.

Step 3:  Visit and type in "keyword tool"

Step 4:  Use the google keyword tool to search for keywords

Step 5:  Find as many keywords as you can for the products that have over 500 searches every month

Step 6:  Take each keyword with over 500 searches and enter it into in quotes " " to find out how much competition there is.

Step 7:  Keep keywords with over 500 searches a month and under 50,000 in competition.

Note:  By under 50,000 - I mean when you type in the keyword in quotes into - look at the results, if they are less than 50,000 keep the keyword.

Step 8:  Use your best keywords to write press releases in the niche.  Use the keyword in the TITLE of the release and in the very FIRST paragraph of the release to ensure good traffic.

I hope you enjoyed this and find it useful.


Bryan Super

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