Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Push Button Cash Site - Honest Review

You may have already seen tons of emails going out about Push Button Cash Site. I guess it is another "push button and become filthy rich" product, yeah, ahahahah bullshit.

Just be sure you check here before you buy anything online as chances are I have probably either already purchased it or am already using the product. So, here's MY opinion...

First of all, I watched the video on the sales page for Push Button Cash Site and boom, red flags. If you were making $159,000 a month on auto-pilot would you give away your secret? Oh yeah, and if it only takes 3 minutes to set up then everyone should be $159,000 richer by next month!

Obviously like any other sale page it tells you what the product is not about...

Facebook, PPC, Twitter, SEO, JV's, Media Buying, etc.

So, what is Push Button Cash Site? You ready to make thousands of dollars by pushing a button? Yes, me too. Unfortunately there is no such thing.

Push Button Cash Site is a wordpress plugin that posts content to your blogs. The main goal of Push Button Cash Site is to set up hundreds or more wordpress blogs and auto feed content to them.

Once you do this you will be rich!!! - Just kidding.

Oh yeah, don't be surprised, but here are the upsells you will see...

Mega profit module $297
Down sell – $100 off the mega Profit Module
Down sell – $200 off the mega profit module
Up sell – Upgrade the software for $197
Down sell upgrade the software for $97
Additional training – $97
Down sell to $77
Secret module $19
Down sell to $9

Now, do you need Push Button Cash Site? That depends. If you need a plugin for wordpress to scrape and post content, then maybe you do.

If you think you'll make a shit ton of money by pushing buttons in 3 minutes, then probably not.

It is what it is, you can now make your decision if you want to buy or not.

I think it is much easier to build a list of subscribers, ask them what they want to learn about, and then create a product based on what they are asking for.

For example, I sent a survey to my list several months back asking them what they want to know about and I gave them 4 options. Article marketing, PPC, Ad swaps, and Blogging. The majority said they would like to know about ad swaps. What did I do? I gave them what they wanted - a guide about, yes, ad swaps.

Let me know what you think below....

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Paul said...

Thank-you Bryan !!
I value,and highly appreciate up-front,no bullshit people who don't try to take every last penny they can get from you,in any way possible.Regarding my business,I'm still in the research stages.I want to learn and be aware of what I'm getting myself into before I take the big leap.I ve seen quite a few "push button" sales pages.Anything that tells me that I can be rich in days and/or do it the lazy way with a few clicks,simply means scam.At least to me.I co-run an internet studio(we stream live music and independent acts of any genre.I also do general contract work to make my pay-check.I will be successful in online marketing in my own good time.I believe that you are one of the people I will look to for products and info.I know this comment is long-my apologies.Once again,THANK-YOU,Your no-bull approach is refreshing and assuring.

About Me said...

Hi Paul, No problem. Long comments are the best. I don't mind at all. You are right, there are alot of push button deals going on right now. While some of these products may be useful in some way, they likely will not make you $1000 by tomorrow. Internet marketing/affiliate marketing takes time to learn and time to get good at just like any other profession.