Sunday, July 25, 2010

Craigslist Traffic Is Great!!

Everyone needs traffic to their website if they want to make any money. Here is one sweet tip that will help you out with traffic...

Here is what to do. If you are marketing anything related to the making money niche then you post in the small business ads section. In my opinion, the best results I have seen are when you post in the following places...

Dallas, TX
South Africa
New Zealand

Now, this is just my experience, but try posting some ads and see if you get any hits or opt ins. What I do is post on Craigslist and I place the link to my opt in page...

You can track it using so you will know which posting is getting the most traffic.

I hope this helps you get some quick traffic to your site. Free traffic is great and it works. There are several other ways to get traffic that I will talk about soon, including,,, and


Bryan Super

1 comment:

Joseph Daugherty said...

Great post about Craig's List I have used it many times and will try again not much luck the first few times even trying to sell a computer monitor? Thanks again for the list of states and or country's you have had luck with.
Joseph D
New Hampshire