Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why List Builing Is Crucial To Success

In order to make significant money online you need to build a list of hungry subscribers and then give them what they want.

I have been working online for several years now and in the beginning I didn't do so well. I would make maybe $200 in 1 month if I was lucky. The idea of building a list of subscribers scared me but it is also what created huge success for me.

Here is exactly how I did it.

Step 1: Find a hungry crowd - this is a very important part, don't skip it. Some of the hungries crowds are weight loss crowds, pet lovers, people who have bad credit, people who want more money, people who want a better relationship

Step 2: Create a squeeze page that gives away a valuable gift

Step 3: Create follow up sequence that keeps subscribers wanting more

Step 4: Input promotions of relevant products that will pay you commissions.

For example, if you chose the pet lovers niche, you may give away a free gift that will teach someone to teach their dog to stop digging in the back yard. If they have a problem with that then why would they not want the free gift. Also, you can mention that you will be giving them more information to help them and their pet have the best possible life together.

Step 5: send traffic to your squeeze page

Now, I know this is only 5 steps, but they are very necessary in order to succeed.

Most people get stuck or just plain don't want to build a list and that is EXACTLY what I thought at the beginning but now I can see that list building is one of the most important parts of running an online business.

Here is a great way to start making money online


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Nice Blogging and simple...so simple

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